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horoscope for Leo

This month has a bit of everything or almost everything. The one thing missing is the pressure of recent months and especially during the final days of your birthday month. The Sun spent his final days in Leo under pressure from not just Jupiter in your relationship sector but a Full Moon during the last full day of your birthday month. Whether this presented as a clash between your personal and relationship needs or just a feeling of being under pressure, by exposing those needs it has made them real. This forced you to move into your new solar year aware of your needs and priorities and that will have long lasting benefits. Whether your relationships felt the pressure or not they too will benefit as the pressure comes off and the support from planets in your communication sector increases. To start with, that support is coming from Venus, the planet of love who until leaving your communication sector on 11th September is on a mission to give your heart and your relationships a voice. It was in the closing days of August that Mercury, the planet of communication returned for what should be a 15 day visit to your communication sector. Instead, a retrograde turn will keep him here until November. With the most important months of the year on the relationship front stretching out in front of you, this couldn't be more important. That support will increase when Mars returns to your communication sector on 15th September and the Sun on 23rd September. Until then, they will be working to make the most of their final weeks in your income sector and of their support for and from Uranus, in his first full month in retrograde motion in your career sector and Pluto, in his last in retrograde motion in your work sector. Meanwhile, Venus continues to race ahead and on 11th September will become the first planet to reach your home and family sector since 2020, in order to make home where your heart is.

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